Here's some extra info about the wedding weekend plans.

Is there a gift registry?

Nope. We are stoked to be celebrating in the desert with you! Please don’t feel any pressure to provide a gift. If you’d like to contribute, we have a cash registry available that will go towards our honeymoon fund.

💸 Send us some Venmo if you would like to

What should I wear?

Moab weather is a little unpredictable in April. Prepare for ~60° temps and a chance of rain. We will be outside for a significant amount of time, so bring a jacket and an umbrella if you have one.

Dressy casual is the vibe. So no jeans, but no tuxes either. Wear something you can look nice in while playing outdoor games. The wedding will be outside on mostly uneven ground. It will be chilly. Please dress accordingly.

Will there be bathrooms?

There are bathrooms with flushable toilets and running water. Bathrooms are small, so please don't plan on getting ready in the bathroom.

Will I have cell service at the venue?

Don't plan on it. You can drive a few minutes down the road to get service if you need to. A designated person on the day of will have connectivity in the event of an emergency. We will notify guests of the contact number closer to the wedding.

What are the weekend plans?

We plan to do some hikes and roam around the desert preceding and following the wedding day.

If you plan to join any of these activities, please specify here using the link below. This will help us know how many people to expect for each activity.

📋 Let us know what group activities you would like to join

Thursday afternoon - hike between 2-5pm.

Saturday we plan to go canyoneering in the morning from 10-2pm. Warning: The canyon will have at least 1 100+ foot rappel.

Saturday afternoon - hike from 2-5pm.

Saturday night the party will continue around a campfire. We plan to camp in an area north of Arches National Park, near our venue.

Where are we camping Saturday night?

We won't know exactly the location until the week of the wedding, but this is the general area. It's designated as a dispersed camping area, so there are limited facilities. We will have a few trailers, a couple fire pits, and room for plenty of tents.

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Want to do your own thing over the weekend?

Here are some of our favorite restaurants and hikes in the area:

🍔 Food in Moab:

🚶‍♀️ Hikes in Moab:

More hikes or things to do in the area can be found here: https://www.nps.gov/arch/planyourvisit/basicinfo.htm

🚵 Bike Trails in Moab: